Brenda Di BariCHAPTER 2.

Liberating Your Vision.

In the previous chapter, we explored together what is most valuable to you. In the chapter exercise you discovered for yourself the elements of life that you most enjoy, and that you care about the most. Although at first this may have seemed like a lighthearted exercise, this circle holds an incredible amount of personal character and individual value. What is contained within your paper circle are all the elements that uniquely make up you!

There is no one else on this planet who has the exact same array of likes and dislikes as you, or that gather together the characteristics that you uniquely offer the world. Discovering and embracing what makes you so individually you are what much of my work is all about. I am here to facilitate empowerment in many ways, and to be a guiding light in your personal development journey.

This chapter is designed to help you embrace all of who you are, down to the crucial small details.

No matter where you live or what personal or professional pathway you choose to take, these are the details that never change. It’s important to remember that no matter what you might face in life, the integrity of your character can never be taken away. These are the individual components that make you, you.

When clients come to me with request for help in finding a property, I start with getting to know who they are. Instead of simply matching property descriptions to initial statements, I work with my clients on a more personal level in order to work out what would fit them best in the short- and long-term future. I can tell you, after a period of time working together it often works out to be a very different vision to what they thought they wanted, or even deserved.

We all have past experiences that contribute to who we are and how we th